Application for Visitor ID Card for access to operational area (green color) or security area (colors red, blue and yellow accompanied).

The validity period (operational area up to 5 days per quarter, security area 1 day per month accompanied) and the ID card color will be determined on-site upon pick-up.


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Current residence



I would like to recieve a confirmation to the following e-mail address.

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I affirm that the information provided during the electronic application are truthful, complete and correspond to the data in my indicated personal identity document. Furthermore, I affirm that the Visitor ID card will be used only for official duties related to my assigned task or for the participation in a guided airport tour.

I will wear my Visitor ID card in a visible place at my outer garments. During the usage of a Visitor ID card that requires an escort I will stay in direct line of sight of my escort at all times whilst in security-restricted areas.

I hereby acknowledge the Airport User Regulations, the General Airport Regulations, the Safety Management System Regulations and the Terminal Regulations.

I acknowledge and accept that the personal data provided during this electronic application and during future applications will be electronically stored by Fraport AG. The information to be provided concerning personal data according to articles 13, 14 of GDPR are available at data-protection-statement.